The following products have contained asbestos.

Acoustical products – spray and tile

Adhesives and cements

Aircell pipecovering

Asbestos blankets

Asbestos cloth/textiles

Asbestos-containing spray

Asbestos linings

Asbestos paint

Asbestos paper

Asbestos protective clothing – worn by firefighters and race car drivers

Asbestos rope, braiding, and wick

Asbestos tape or thread

Asphalt products – including tile and sundries

Automotive, truck, and marine products – including brake linings, pads and shoes, brake blocks, clutch materials, transmission components, gasket materials, and shock absorbers

Caulking compounds and coatings

Ceiling panels, tiles, and related sundries

Cement products – cement or mortar, board, flooring, panels, pipe, flat and corrugated sheets, siding, shingles, and stucco

Ceramic or paint fillers

Cigarette filters

Commercial or industrial machines and components – brake linings, clutch facings, thermal insulation, transmission components, and gaskets

Detackifying/demolding agents

Drywall joint treatment products – joint compound, joint cement, joint treatment, joint sealant, and caulking compound

Fireproofing products

Gaskets, sheet packing, and molded products

Gypsum products – fire retardant gypsum board, lath, finishing, and taping compounds

Hair dryers

Insulating tape

85% Magnesia

Mastics, and coating and sealing products

Millboard, rollboard, and mineral wool board

Oven mittens

Paint products - roof coating and floor coating

Phenolic or plastic resins

Plaster and plaster products

Plumbing joint sealant

Racing helmets

Refractory products – clays, cements, shapes, and blocks used to build, insulate, or seal structures subjected to high heat such as boilers, furnaces, and kilns

Resilient floor covering products – tile, sheet, backing, and sundries

Roofing products – cements, coating, felts, deckings, flashings, paints, and shingles


Spackling compound

Thermal insulation products – pipe insulation, pipe covering, pipe wrap, cement, block insulation, spray, and sundries

Work gloves

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